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Discover the Power of COXREELS: Hose Reels and Cord Reels

Welcome to our "Did You Know?" blog series, where we uncover fascinating facts about our exceptional products. In this edition, we're excited to showcase the outstanding features and benefits of COXREELS, specifically their Hose Reels and Cord Reels. Prepare to be amazed by the innovative design and functionality that COXREELS offers.

COXREELS Hose Reels:

  1. Heavy-Duty Spun Discs: The use of heavy-duty spun discs ensures greater strength and longevity, allowing the reels to withstand challenging environments.
  2. CNC Robotic Spin Cells: COXREELS are the first of their kind to utilize CNC robotic spin cells, guaranteeing precision and consistency in the manufacturing process.
  3. Adjustable Solid Rubber Hose Stop: Enjoy the flexibility of easily adjusting the hose stop to your desired length, giving you complete control over your operations.
  4. Versatile Guide Arm: Made from 10-gauge steel with stamped ribs, the guide arm offers enhanced rigidity and can be adjusted to various mounting options, including wall, floor, ceiling, and vehicles.
  5. Spiral Hose Guard: Protect your hoses from abrasion and damage with the spiral hose guard, ensuring their longevity and minimizing maintenance costs.
  6. Solid Steel Zinc-Plated Locking Ring: The locking ring provides a secure connection, preventing accidental disconnection during operation.
  7. Locking Pawl: The specially angled locking pawl is designed to prevent lockout, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and operator safety.
  8. External Fluid Path: COXREELS machines the external fluid path from solid brass, providing a 90-degree full-flow connection, enhancing performance and efficiency.
  9. High-Quality Steel Construction: COXREELS are built to last, thanks to their high-quality steel construction, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding applications.
  10. Enclosed Factory-Tuned and Matched Cartridge Style Spring Motor: The enclosed factory-tuned and matched cartridge style spring motor guarantees smooth and consistent retraction, minimizing wear and tear.
  11. Heavy Gauge 1/4" Steel Base and Support Post: The single-piece construction with no welds ensures superior strength and durability, offering a stable and secure mounting solution./li>
  12. Super Hub™ Equipped Models: Feature the Super Hub™ design, providing increased reel strength for even the most demanding tasks.

COXREELS also offers Cord Reels that are engineered to meet professional-grade requirements. Let's explore their impressive features:

  1. Versatile Guide Arm: Similar to the Hose Reels, the Cord Reels come with a versatile guide arm, allowing for easy and flexible cable management.
  2. Adjustable Solid Rubber Hose Stop: The adjustable solid rubber hose stop enables you to customize the length of the cord, catering to your specific needs.
  3. Heavy-Duty Spun Discs: The Cord Reels are equipped with heavy-duty spun discs, ensuring durability and longevity in various working environments.
  4. Solid Steel Zinc-Plated Locking Ring: The locking ring provides a secure connection, preventing accidental disconnection during use.
  5. Locking Pawl: COXREELS' Cord Reels feature a specially angled locking pawl to prevent lockout, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions.
  6. Heavy Gauge Powder Coated Steel Components Cover: COXREELS understands the importance of protecting your equipment. That's why their Cord Reels come with a heavy gauge powder-coated steel components cover, shielding the reel from external elements and increasing its lifespan.
  7. Professional Grade Copper Conductor Slip Ring: Experience optimal conductivity and reliability with the professional-grade copper conductor slip ring. This feature ensures consistent power transmission, allowing you to work efficiently with your electrical devices.
  8. High-Quality Steel Construction: COXREELS prides itself on using only the highest quality steel in the construction of their Cord Reels. This ensures their durability, longevity, and ability to withstand demanding work environments.
  9. Includes 5' Lead Cable and Grounding Plug: The COXREELS Cord Reels come complete with a 5' lead cable and grounding plug, providing you with a ready-to-use solution. No need to worry about additional accessories – everything you need is included.
  10. Enclosed Factory-Tuned and Matched Cartridge Style Spring Motor: Enjoy smooth and consistent retraction with the enclosed factory-tuned and matched cartridge style spring motor. This feature eliminates any hassle or inconvenience, allowing you to focus on your work.

COXREELS Cord Reels are the epitome of reliability, versatility, and efficiency. With their exceptional features and high-quality construction, they are a must-have for any workspace. Experience the power and convenience of COXREELS Cord Reels and take your productivity to new heights. Don't miss out on this incredible product.