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Manure Hoses

Did you know that we have the perfect solution for transferring large volumes of liquid at higher than normal working pressures? Introducing our manure hoses, made with thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) and extruded through a circular woven jacket for maximum durability.
These hoses are engineered with a heavily reinforced weave, ensuring excellent abrasion resistance and minimizing extension in length and snaking when deployed.
Not only are they lightweight and easy to deploy, but they also feature a high tenacity filament polyester yard for added strength.

With our manure hoses, you can rest assured that we care about delivering a top-quality product. Whether you're in the agricultural industry or any other field that requires efficient liquid transfer, our hoses are designed to meet your needs.
Get excited about the possibilities! Choose our manure hoses and experience the difference in performance and reliability. #LiquidTransferSolutions #QualityProducts #ManureHoses