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Warehouse Find! Limited Stock!

WeatherGuard is one of the industry leaders in truck and van equipment. Get ready to be amazed by their durability and functionality! We only have a limited stock available, so snatch them up before they're gone forever!

WeatherGuard saddle box

Defender Series Full-Size Truck Saddle Box in Aluminum:

Experience the ultimate combination of strength and versatility with this aluminum saddle box. It offers superior protection for your tools while fitting seamlessly into your truck's bed.

Defender Series Full-Size Truck Saddle Box in Black Aluminum:

Add a touch of style to your truck with this sleek black aluminum saddle box. Designed to withstand tough conditions, it provides secure storage and easy access to your belongings.

RedArmour Series Full-Size Truck Saddle Box in Aluminum:

This premium truck saddle box offers ample storage space for all your tools and equipment. Its rugged aluminum construction ensures long-lasting performance and protection against the elements.

Fuel Transfer Tanks

WeatherGuard saddle box

Fuel Transfer Tank Rectangular 100 Gallon White:

Need to transport fuel? Look no further than this rectangular 100-gallon white fuel transfer tank. It is designed to meet the highest safety standards and ensures convenient refueling on the go.

WeatherGuard saddle box

Fuel Transfer Tank L-Shape 75 Gallon White:

For those in need of a compact fuel transfer solution, we present the L-Shape 75-gallon white fuel transfer tank. Its unique shape allows for easy installation in tight spaces, without compromising on capacity.

WeatherGuard saddle box

Fuel Transfer Tank L-Shape 110 Gallon White:

If you require a larger fuel capacity, the L-Shape 110-gallon white fuel transfer tank is the perfect choice. It offers ample storage space while maintaining a compact and efficient design.

Please note that these WeatherGuard products are in limited stock:

To get your hands on these incredible items, make sure to visit Cook Brothers Truck Parts today and ask for them by name. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your truck with the best-in-class equipment. Get them before they're all gone!